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Is This The Solution To Your Potential FTC Risks?

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If you own any type of website anywhere – you need to protect yourself.

The FTC is cracking down HARD on website owners. The FTC are now very interested in websites that use ChatGPT, or any form of AI. It doesn't even matter if you are in the US or not! (But especially if you're American, or target the US market).

Even small companies and small sites are subject to these crackdowns.


Be sure your websites have ALL the legal disclaimers, privacy policies, and terms of use that the FTC requires... And more importantly, that YOU know the 'Rules of the Road'.

The good news is that you can learn what I learned plus how you can protect yourself from 7 common tragic (legal) mistakes that can lead to getting your sites and your business completely shut down and your business & personal assets frozen by the FTC.

Watch an informative webinar hosted by Chip Cooper.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Chip Cooper, an experienced full-time Internet Attorney who works with website owners and Internet marketers, and...

Chip shared with me several of the best ways to protect my business from being targeted and sued. He explained to me that it does not matter if you’re “trying” to do the right thing – the government doesn’t care – they can and WILL shut you down if you don’t have everything THEY want you to have on your sites, and if you aren't following the 'Rules of the Road'.

Chip has an informative webinar, that you can watch at your convenience, where he advises many of the tasks you need to undertake to protect yourself from the consequences of an FTC Prosecution. Chip makes implementation easy and has simple solutions that will give you peace of mind.

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